Seks onder je 25e

Sex under the age of 25 - Secondary education for children with special needs 2019: Summary

Now Sex under the age of 25 has been carried out for the first time in secondary education for children with special needs (vso). The most important results are outlined below in the summary.

More than thousand youngsters participated

Three groups of young people participated in this research. In schools for for students with severe learning disabilities (vso-zmlk schools), an oral survey was carried out among 99 participants. In schools for students with a physical disability or chronic illness (so-called mytyl-schools), 227 young people completed an online survey. This survey was also completed by 807 young people in cluster 4 schools (i.e., schools for children with a psychiatric illness or serious behavioural problems). In cluster 4, two groups took part: young people who are being educated in practical training and young people being educated at secondary vocational+ level (i.e. pre-vocational, senior general secondary or pre-university education). The results give insight into the sexual health of these groups of young people and the similarities and differences with peers in regular schools. 

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