Seks onder je 25e

About us

Sex under the age of 25 was conducted by Rutgers and Soa Aids Nederland in partnership with regional public health services. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) drew selected and weighted the sample. I&O Research carried out the fieldwork. Sex under the age of 25 is part of the Lifestyle Monitor (Sex Under the age of 25/Lifestyle Monitor, Rutgers/Soa Aids Nederland in partnership with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), 2017). The study was funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Sex under the age of 25

Sex under the age of 25 2017 is a large-scale representative study of the sexual health of young people aged 12 to 25 in the Netherlands. In 2005, almost 5000 young people participated in this in such a study for the first time (De Graaf, Meijer, Poelman & Vanwesenbeeck, 2005). In 2012, the number had risen to sample consisted of almost 8000 young people (De Graaf, Kruijer, Van Acker, Meijer, 2012). In 2017, 15 of the 25 regional public health services in the Netherlands increased their sample within their own region as an opportunity to gain used the opportunity to gain insight into the sexual health of young people at a local level. in their own region by increasing the sample for their region. Partly as a result of these regional investments, 20,500 young people have filled in a digital questionnaire with questions coveringabout a wide range of sexuality-related topics.

Participatory Action Research

Sex under the age of 25 is based on the approach and principles of participatory action research. This means that the whole research process is conducted in partnership with stakeholders from research, professional practice and policy in the field of (sexual) health promotion. The input of stakeholders at diverse moments in the research process creates a shared commitment towards data, results and action based on the outcomes.

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