Seks onder je 25e

Hét landelijk onderzoek naar liefde, relaties en seks
onder jongeren van 12 – 25 jaar

Sex under the age of 25

Young people in the Netherlands start having sex at a later age

At the age of 18.6, half of all young Dutch people aged between 12 and 25 have had sexual intercourse. In 2012 this was the case at the age of 17.1. This is one of the findings of the third edition of the large-scale representative survey Sex under the age of 25 that will be presented by Rutgers and Soa Aids Nederland on Tuesday 20 June. Girls appear to choose more consciously for a contraceptive method that suits them, because the use of the pill has declined in favour of IUDs. Worryingly, 40% of young people do not use a condom during one-night stands. Compared to 2012, the number of young people who have been forced to do, or submit to, something sexual has decreased. However, the number of young people who have sent nude pictures or sex videos of themselves has increased sharply.

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